Amazon Listing Optimization – Niche Consumer Product

We Increased Sales Nearly 500%, Cutting ACoS in Half


The client was an experienced wholesale distributor launching a new product on Amazon. As with the majority of our clients, we’ve kept product and personal information confidential. The important thing to note here, is that the client came to us with a highly niche product, with major brands dominating the market.


A couple major players in the industry maintained predominant market share. So much so, that popular search terms were centered around these branded products. If this wasn’t enough of a challenge, the product was highly niche, with low search volume.


Rethink Listing Optimization: Instead of focusing on High Search Volume keywords, which were predominately geared toward major brands, we had to come up with a way to reach our target buyers without associating with competitor products. Here’s how we did it:

  • We scoured social media channels and competitor product reviews to reposition the product to align with customer goals
  • We optimized ASINs with a keyword-rich title and introduced curated brand images
  • We removed contextual keywords often associated with competitor product listings
  • We introduced a workflow to connect with customers and prompt them to post reviews

Optimize Sponsored Product Ads: Our next step was to build out campaigns manually to improve targeting to niche buyers. We set bids on individual keywords to test relevant search groups, weeding out High Search Volume keywords and broad phrasing which, we knew, would quickly drain the ad budget and result in wasted spend. Instead, we focused the ad budget on:

  • Headline Search Ads – to target niche buyers through high visibility placement
  • Defensive Product Display Ads – to block competitor ads from appearing on the product page
  • Non-Branded Paid Search Ads – to target a larger audience with related product interests


We optimized the product listing around low-competition / high-converting keywords, and focused on distinguishing the product from leading competitor products. We then focused on introducing a workflow to existing customers to promote reviews, contribute to social proof for the brand, and improving organic product rankings on Amazon. Finally, we drove new leads through ads, adjusting bids frequently to improve conversions. In under three months, we showed the following results:

  • Addition of 30+ new product reviews
  • Reduction of ACoS by nearly 50%
  • Increase in product sales of nearly 500%

We thrive on building relationships and take great pride in the company we keep.

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