eCommerce Optimization – Personal Security Alarm

We Reduced CPM by 89.7% and Nearly Doubled Amazon Sales


The client recently launched a personal security alarm product online. As with the majority of our clients, we’ve kept personal information confidential. The important thing to note here, is that the client was operating in a highly saturated market, with numerous players introducing similar products to a wide audience. For this reason, proper targeting was key to outperform competitor listings on Amazon.


This client was looking to improve online sales through Amazon, but was spreading their ad budget thin over a series of fruitless campaigns. With a budget of $2,000 to spend on ads, they needed to allocate every dollar toward driving qualified buyers to the product page. When we started with them, they were spending an average of $6-8 dollars per impression (CPM) on broad campaigns. They needed us to step in and reallocate their budget toward effective campaigns which would target niche buyer groups, and drive their CPM cost down to increase the number of leads they could reach on the existing budget.


Our goal was to create highly targeted ad groups, and to optimize audience channels and keywords using a weighted bidding strategy. This allowed us to prioritize higher CPMs for impressions on keyword and audience-targeted sites, while reducing overall CPM costs to garner more impressions and increase clicks with qualified buyers. We focused on prioritizing ad spend through 3 distinct ad groups (runners, college-aged women, and hikers), then tested each ad group to confirm that these distinct groups responded to the sense of urgency tied to the product, and that the personalized ads would inspire action amongst these distinct groups.


By optimizing existing ad campaigns to reach specific audiences, we were able increase the number of impressions on sites where our target buyers spent the most time, reducing the average CPM from $6-8 to a mere $0.73. This substantial reduction in CPM costs afforded the client to increase their budget on clicks from an average 333 clicks per month to 2400 clicks per month. Our reallocation of ad spend to proper channels, combined with an optimized targeting strategy and improved click-through rate (CTR) has resulted in an approximate $10k increase in new sales per month.

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