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Growth Strategy | Enterprise SaaS

We Helped a Global SaaS Company Double Enterprise Leads


Mentor is a leading enterprise software company, providing a Learning Management System (LMS) with patented video evaluation technology.


To gain market-share in the vocational space by communicating value of this new technology to appeal to large-scale enterprise companies and increase sales.


Adopt a highly targeted prospecting strategy using Pivotal data. Instead of going after after high-level decision makers, we focused on reaching the right contacts within enterprise companies, including HR and vocational contacts, to educate them on product benefits and get them to commit to a trial.


We introduced trial subscriptions by targeting mid-level seniority prospects within enterprise environments, shortening the sales cycle and adding 100k+ in new, recurring client revenue.

  • Doubled Lead Acquisition
  • Reduced Ad Spend 45%
  • Tripled traffic to website

We thrive on building relationships and take great pride in the company we keep.

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